Silver Lining in the Cloud is presented by Computer Design and Integration. Silver Lining in the Cloud is an open forum show that highlights and promotes many of Atlanta’s top businesses and business leaders. The show airs on Wednesdays at 10:00am EST and is co-hosted by Nikole Smith-Toptas and Dominick Rainey.

Silver Lining in the Cloud highlights and promotes many of the Southeast’s outstanding businesses. We interview C-level individuals and influencers to learn about what makes them the best at what they do. Many of our discussions are with guests from the insurance, financial, manufacturing, medical and educational industries.  Our guests will hone in on what is the silver lining that their business offers to the community, how they are making a difference and celebrating their success.

Tune in to pick up tips on dynamic new and innovative concepts that make these businesses successful in today’s economic world. Take advantage of this opportunity to join our open forum and present the silver linings of your company.

Our Featured Shows

Phillip Williams/McDermott Financial Solutions McDermott Financial Solutions provides relationship-based financial consulting services. McDermott Financial Solutions works with business owners to find financing and improve profitability in their business. They develop a financial gameplan with you and coach your company to execute on its goals for growth and profitability. Derek Peacock/D.Peacock Studios D.Peacock Studios is a full stack … [more]

Tao Yang Han/IronCAD IronCAD is an innovation company serving the manufacturing industry in machine design, fabrication, product design and modular systems. It has always been striving to give customers the best 3D design and collaboration software tool that increases customer productivity and — above all — helps them achieve success in their fields. IronCAD accomplishes … [more]

Dennis Sands/FirstCall Consulting FirstCall Consulting helps companies using SAP and SAP Business One optimize in-house resources by offering them a broad range of SAP support services. They help customers focus on mission-critical issues and enable them to offload day-to-day operations. Their services are ideally suited to organizations that have deployed SAP and are looking to minimize ongoing … [more]

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