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Dr. Benson Karanja with Beulah Heights University, Scott Brandt with eQuorum and Sharon Mason with Cobb Chamber of Commerce

Dominick Rainey, Dr. Benson Karanja, Scott Brandt, Sharon Mason, Nikole Toptas

Dominick Rainey, Dr. Benson Karanja, Scott Brandt, Sharon Mason, Nikole Toptas

Dr. Benson Karanja/Beulah Heights University

Founded in 1918, Beulah Heights University (BHU) has become known as one of the nation’s oldest and fastest growing Bible institutions. Beulah Heights University is proud of its heritage as a training institution for students interested in learning ethical leadership for the ministry and the marketplace. Beulah Heights University offers students a curriculum that is centered in its core values of Biblical Inerrancy, Integrity, Global Missions, Dedicated Servant-hood, and Diversity suitable for Christian leadership in a host of arenas.

Scott Brandt/eQuorum

Organizations that rely on engineering content need a better way to securely and simply manage documents. That’s why they turn to eQuorum’s comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solutions to manage their data – from design to manufacturing to production. Whether you are a product engineer, facilities manager or IT executive, eQuorum’s ImageSite helps you improve version control, enhance collaboration and generate more efficient and timely work processes. You save valuable time finding important documents and leveraging intellectual property to drive improvements throughout the enterprise. eQuorum: Engineering documents. Elevating productivity.

Sharon Mason/Cobb Chamber of Commerce

As one of the most influential business advocacy organizations in Georgia, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce is the only organization in Cobb County dedicated to bringing the community and its leaders together to create jobs and strengthen the economy and quality of life so businesses and the community can achieve more. The Chamber achieves this by creating jobs and driving economic development; strengthening the community and the region; growing member businesses and nurturing leadership; and connecting businesses, government and the community.

The Cobb Chamber’s mission is economic and community development, advocacy and world-class member services.

Neil Stevens with Keyworth Bank, Chuck Paul with A Closer Look and David Read with Printpack


Neil Stevens, David read, Chuck Paul, Dominick Rainey

Neil Stevens, David Read, Chuck Paul, Dominick Rainey

Neil Stevens/Keyworth Bank

Keyworth Bank is a $350 million Community Bank with three full-service offices and a loan office, serving small businesses in North Metro Atlanta.

Chuck Paul/A Closer Look

It’s The Experience. Creating customer loyalty in today’s “multiple choice” marketplace goes beyond product, presentation and price. Repeat business is a direct result of providing your customers with positive, memorable experiences. By asking the right questions, collecting on-point data and synthesizing it into intelligent information, A Closer Look helps you measure your customer’s experience and deliver solutions tailored to drive repeat visits and build brand loyalty. For over 15 years, A Closer Look has developed innovative, intelligent and actionable systems with one goal in mind: Capturing your customer’s experience and then delivering solutions to elevate their experience beyond expectations.

David Read/Printpack

Printpack is a major converter of flexible and specialty rigid packaging with an over fifty-year history of innovation.  Twenty-eight manufacturing plants throughout the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Poland, and China, allow Printpack the flexibility to offer a broad range of packaging options globally. Every product that Printpack designs and produces addresses a real world marketplace challenge for our customers. Packaging is the differentiator and your products demand packaging that performs. Maximize your potential with solutions from Printpack.

Rob Goldberg with Promethean North America, Ryan Burton with Money Mailer of Lake Lanier and Michael Bryant with LED Consulting

Dominick Rainey, Rob Goldberg, Ryan Burton, Michael Bryant

Dominick Rainey, Rob Goldberg, Ryan Burton, Michael Bryant

Rob Goldberg/Promethean, North America

Promethean, a global education company, harnesses the power of existing and emerging technologies to advance learning and teaching productivity. Their feedback driven learning environment engages students and provides teachers with tools to simplify and deliver differentiated instruction. Promethean improves learning productivity by developing, integrating and implementing innovative 21st century learning environments that work.

At Promethean, they believe in making a difference. From the classroom to the training room to the boardroom and beyond, their interactive solutions enable collaboration and engagement, unleashing human potential. Every day, hundreds of thousands of students and professionals in over 100 countries expand their knowledge by using Promethean’s award winning products and services.

Ryan Burton/Money Mailer of Lake Lanier

Money Mailer of Lake Lanier is a local direct mail company. They offer local businesses the opportunity to hit thousands of homes close to their business for a very low cost. Money Mailer of Lake Lanier also specializes in online listing management, search engine marketing and website design.

Michael Bryant/LED Consulting

LED Consulting is committed to organizational and personal growth one leader at a time though a variety of products and services that have a strong and lasting return on investment. Michael Bryant’s exceptional coaching style provides a platform for discovery and clarity in all types of complex business situations. He enjoys equipping business and non-profit leaders with the tools they need to achieve excellence in both work and life. His integrity, trust, and servant’s heart has earned him praise as a mentor, friend, and confidant to executives, leaders and front line employees.

Robert Bentley with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Ken Dalton with MRP Design Group and Waylee George with Eastern Data

Robert Bentley, Ken Dalton, Waylee George, Dominick Rainey

Robert Bentley, Ken Dalton, Waylee George, Dominick Rainey

Robert Bentley/Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the largest pediatric clinical care providers in the country. Whether treating a toddler in an emergency or supporting a teen through chemotherapy treatments, they are dedicated to the care of each patient. It’s through teamwork at every level of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and with you, the family, that they are able to achieve excellence in pediatric care.

Ken Dalton/MRP Design Group

Based in Atlanta, MRP Design Group is in its 25th year providing commercial architectural and engineering services to local and national restaurants, convenience stores and retail concepts. Tailoring their services to individual client needs, MRP Design Group has completed more than 2,000 projects both locally and across the United States.

Waylee George/Eastern Data, Inc.

Since 1997, Eastern Data, Inc. (EDI), a certified minority-owned business, has been a value-added provider of, and a trusted advisor for, building high quality customized and integrated IT systems, servers and computing solutions that are the lowest priced, offer the greatest quality and are quickly delivered to their customers from their 56,000 sq. ft. facility in Atlanta. Additionally, they offer quality IT systems and supplies from leading suppliers including HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Intel and more.