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Dr. LaBrita Cash-Baskett with Fundamental Focus and Dan Styf with Piedmont WellStar HealthPlans

Dominick Rainey, Dr. LaBrita Cash-Baskett, Dan Styf, Nikole Toptas

Dominick Rainey, Dr. LaBrita Cash-Baskett, Dan Styf, Nikole Toptas

Dr. LaBrita Cash-Baskett/Fundamental Focus

Fundamental Focus is a boutique training and development firm located in Atlanta, GA specializing in business communication services. They are dedicated to interpersonal effectiveness, performance management, communication competence and developing a stronger workforce. They are dedicated to success.

Fundamental Focus provides comprehensive services to professionals, for-profit and nonprofit businesses, government entities and academic institutions. Their programs and services support business, organizational, workforce and economic development initiatives. The Fundamental Focus Team administers well researched and validated assessments, speech training and coaching, as well as business communication skill development coaching and training.

Dan Styf/Piedmont WellStar HealthPlans

A comprehensive plan designed to do more than just take care of you when you are sick. Imagine a health plan, created by your doctors and focused on helping you stay well and live better. That’s the promise of the new Piedmont WellStar HealthPlans.

Piedmont Healthcare and WellStar Health System have been leaders in providing quality healthcare across Georgia. Now, these two healthcare systems have come together to create a whole new kind of health plan, designed by the doctors and nurses you already know and trust. Piedmont Healthcare and WellStar Health System have been caring for Georgians for decades – Piedmont Healthcare was founded in 1905 and WellStar Health System was founded in 1993. Today, Piedmont Healthcare and WellStar Health System represent a combined total of 10 hospital facilities across Georgia. There are over 1300 physicians and medical professionals that are a part of the Piedmont and WellStar provider networks.

Piedmont WellStar HealthPlans was founded in October 2012, and will be available to Georgia residents in the coming months. Their plans will offer options for people in all stages of life. Piedmont WellStar HealthPlans will focus on delivering comprehensive healthcare through a new patient experience, focused on better supporting the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals.

Fontaine Huey with Center for the Visually Impaired, Walter Biscardi with Biscardi Creative Media and Brad Rainey with Golden Key International Honour Society

Dominick Rainey, Fontaine Huey, Walter Biscardi, Brad Rainey, Nikole Toptas

Dominick Rainey, Fontaine Huey, Walter Biscardi, Brad Rainey, Nikole Toptas

Fontaine Huey/ Center for the Visually Impaired

Located in Midtown Atlanta, the Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI) has empowered people with vision loss to live with independence and dignity for 50 years. As Georgia’s largest comprehensive, fully accredited organization providing vision rehabilitation services, the programs of CVI include: support groups, The Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic, New View adult rehabilitation services, STARS program for elementary to high school students, and a BEGIN program for infants and children up to age five. The CVI enterprises located onsite include the non-profit VisAbility Store and the ClearAnswer Contact Center.

Walter Biscardi/Biscardi Creative Media

Biscardi Creative Media, located in Metro Atlanta, is a full service script to screen Creation Company at the forefront of creative media production. Emmy-award winning broadcast programming, episodics, commercials, feature films and corporate marketing video productions are some of the projects their storytellers bring to the screen every day.

A recognized leader in creative digital design, Walter Biscardi, Jr. launched BCM in 2001 with a single purpose: bring art to digital media. Today’s world is overwhelmed with technology, but it takes good storytellers to bring your message to life in an effective and entertaining way. In other words, the latest digital tools don’t make a quality production; the artist using those tools do. Drawing on over 20 years of industry experience, Walter pulls together a creative team that has amassed every major award and traveled to every country in pursuit of a single goal: The story.

Some credits of note: Editor/Animator: “Good Eats” (Food Network); Producer/Editor: “Foul Water Fiery Serpent” featuring Sigourney Weaver (PBS); Managing Producer, “This American Land” (PBS); Producer/Colorist, “Dark Forest Black Fly” featuring Mia Farrow (PBS).

Original programming for both new and traditional media is in development through sister company MTWD Entertainment. Walter is Executive Producer and Director for MTWD.

Brad Rainey/Golden Key International Honour Society

Founded in 1977, Golden Key International Honour Society is a global collegiate honor society established to recognize college students for academic excellence. While membership in Golden Key begins with academic excellence, the Society’s core mission is to enable members to realize their potential through three pillars: academics, leadership and service. The Society, comprised of over 2 million members, has more than 400 campus-based chapters in eight countries, including Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States.

Jackson Houk with three, Dr. Ralph Gaskins with SPECTROPATH and Peter DelBove with Team Trivia

Dominick Rainey, Jackson Houk, Ralph Gaskins, Peter DelBove, Nikole Toptas

Dominick Rainey, Jackson Houk, Ralph Gaskins, Peter DelBove, Nikole Toptas

Jackson Houk/three

three is a  40-man corporate communications firm designed around the experiences of a guy formerly charged with managing internal and external opinions. The owners have deep experience running enterprise communications in consumer goods, utility, financial services and not-for-profit categories. three exists to influence the opinions of folks who define enterprise success.

Dr. Ralph Gaskins/SPECTROPATH

SPECTROPATH is an optical imaging company that has exclusively licensed the global rights to novel electronic, optical, chemical and software technologies developed at Emory University and Georgia Tech that allow physicians to identify selected tissue, such as cancer, in real time. They are initially applying this new technology platform to the identification of cancer during tumor surgery.

Peter DelBove/Team Trivia

Team Trivia, Inc. is the dominant licensor of in-house promotional services to bars and taverns in the U.S., featuring their flagship product “Team Trivia”, a live-hosted weekly trivia event where bar patrons compete for prizes within a two hour trivia game in their local favorite bar. Their products are designed to get patrons in the door and keep them in that bar for two hours each night, eating and drinking and maximizing the bar’s nightly profits. Their products are particularly suited for that “slower” night of the week. Team Trivia also features a more adult promotional product known as “Toxic Trivia”, and a family-oriented twist on traditional bingo known as “Team Bingo”. There is never a charge for the bar patron to participate in any Team Trivia product. Authorized Team Trivia licensees are always compensated directly by the bars.