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Irene Hinson with Hinson International and Justin Knott with Corporate Financial Options

Irene Hinson, Charlie Hinson, Justin Knott, Dominick Rainey

Irene Hinson, Charlie Hinson, Justin Knott, Dominick Rainey

Irene Hinson/Hinson International

Hinson International is owned by company founder Charlie Hinson, Sr. Incorporated in Georgia in September 2012 and located in Lithonia, Hinson International is firmly guided by the inherent belief that quality and comfort should be an intrinsic characteristic in American homes and businesses that do laundry around the world.

They take pride in the fact that they designed, manufacture and distribute HINATURES, a natural liquid laundry detergent that is eco-friendly and for families with sensitive skin. Manufactured in Georgia makes it a truly “Made in the USA” product. HINATURES Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent is applauded for being an eco-friendly detergent, both nature friendly and safe to use with bleach. As a natural liquid, HINATURES is bold enough to handle heavily soiled laundry, and gentle enough for all washable fabrics as directed by the manufacturer’s label.

HINATURES is very low in suds which makes it environmentally friendly. See their web site for more information.

Justin Knott/Corporate Financial Options

Corporate Financial Options is an end-to-end CPA and CFO services firm that specializes in multi-unit and franchise businesses. In the CPA business, the tendency is to get wrapped up in the expectations of the government or some accounting board that dictates how information is reported. They changed that thinking. They have created a client-centered program that puts the information business owners need at their fingertips to control, manage and grow their businesses.

Traditional accounting systems focus on two things: income taxes and the requirements of lenders. Corporate Financial Options believes that business owner’s needs should come first. Yes, they will keep the bank happy and will do all necessary reporting to the IRS, but their focus goes way beyond that. It is to get the burden of bookkeeping off the business owner, provide him with timely, complete and accurate information, PLUS provide the expertise to use this information to create sophisticated financial road maps.

The other issue is the duplication and triplication of efforts that occur when a business uses an in-house bookkeeper, an outside firm, a payroll service, a business analyst and a CFO or Controller. For a fixed monthly fee, Corporate Financial Options consolidates all functions under our roof. The result is a complete end-to-end system that is more accurate, more efficient and more relevant. After all, the real value is a better understanding of your operation that creates increased profits.

Kent Gregoire with Symphony Advantage and Myra Cisse with Certification Consultants

Kent Gregoire, Myra Cisse, Nikole Toptas

Kent Gregoire, Myra Cisse, Nikole Toptas

Kent Gregoire/Symphony Advantage

At Symphony, they provide leadership development and advice to CEOs in the complexities of business ownership from expansion to exit. Through exploration, they identify unknown questions and help clients see hidden potential. Symphony. Orchestrating Business.


Myra Cisse/Certification Consultants

Myra CisseCertification Consultants is a small consulting firm specializing in certifications for Women, Minority and Veteran business owners. They offer turnkey solutions to help their clients get certified. They specialize in 8(a); Women/Minority Business Enterprise; Veteran/Service- Disabled Veteran; and Woman- Owned Small Business certification preparation services. Not only do they certify businesses, but they provide our clients – once certified – with the resources they need to quickly reach their end goal… a government or corporate contract.