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Peter Ross with Ross & Pines, LLC and Dennis Sands with FirstCall Consulting

Dominick Rainey, Dennis Sands, Peter Ross, Nikole Toptas

Dominick Rainey, Dennis Sands, Peter Ross, Nikole Toptas

Peter Ross/Ross & Pines, LLC

???????????????????????????????Ross & Pines, LLC is a law firm that represents clients in personal injury, criminal defense and immigration cases. Peter J. Ross is an attorney that has practiced law for over 22 years and handles the firm’s personal injury cases.


Dennis Sands/FirstCall Consulting

???????????????????????????????FirstCall Consulting helps SAP organizations optimize in-house resources by offering them a broad range of SAP support services. They help customers focus on mission-critical issues and enable them to offload day-to-day operations. Their services are ideally suited to organizations that have deployed SAP and are looking to minimize ongoing maintenance and support costs while utilizing knowledge transfer to educate their staff and identify process improvement opportunities. They support SAP’s full service R/3, ECC, and Business One systems.

Members of their management and support team average 12 years of SAP and 15 years of industry experience and are responsible for winning SAP’s coveted Customer Satisfaction Award five years in a row!

Clarissa Nelson with Islanomics, Charlotte Baker with CB Training Services, and Darryl Baker with Baker Global Enterprises

Clarissa Nelson, Charlotte Baker, Darryl Baker, Dominick Rainey

Clarissa Jennivee Nelson, Charlotte Baker, Darryl Baker, Dominick Rainey

Clarissa Jennivee Nelson/Islanomics & EANI Consulting

Utizlizing the Fail-Safe Economic Development (FSED) strategy, Islanomics provides economic development services capable of creating activities that will generate practical comprehensive strategies for economic growth of island markets, resulting in major enhancements to positive job growth, local development, and foreign direct investments that will sustain an island economy.

EANI Consulting has provided economic development services in Europe, Africa, Canada and the United States. The success of FSED has been tested and proven over the years in island economies globally, including The Bahamas, rural communities and metropolitan areas within the United States.

Charlotte Baker/CB Training Services

CB Training Services provides effective quality training to individuals who need help coping with day-to-day challenges. Whether someone needs anger management help, anxiety reducing strategies or self esteem motivation, CB Training Services is dedicated to helping people succeed.

Darryl Baker/Baker Global Enterprises

Baker Global Enterprises shows families, individuals and small business owners how to change their life and leave legacies for generations to come. No matter what financial challenges you face – whether it’s debt, limited savings and investments, or lack of life insurance — they can be resolved successfully. By providing you with a better understanding of your financial situation and access to products and solutions that are appropriate for your specific goals, Baker Global Enterprises can help you achieve your dreams.