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Harm Scheffer and Chris Abbey with Reliant Building Solutions, and Geoffrey Sperback with EnVision EES

Harm Scheffer, Chris Abbey, Geoffrey Sperback, Nikole Toptas

Harm Scheffer, Chris Abbey, Geoffrey Sperback, Nikole Toptas

Harm Scheffer & Chris Abbey/Reliant Building Solutions

Harm Scheffer and Chris Abbey, Reliant Building SolutionsReliant Building Solutions designs and executes engineered repairs for the structural components of buildings. RBS performs: Concrete Repairs and restoration (spalls, cracks, etc.); Barrier Cable repairs; Parking Garage repairs and restoration; Carbon Fiber strengthening; Epoxy crack injection; Steel and Concrete column repairs; Site concrete placement (curbs, gutters, equipment pads); Slab openings for stairs/escalators/elevators; Expansion joint replacement; Stair demolition and slab closures; Joint sealant and leak repairs; Waterproofing; Driveway and walkway repairs (Residential and Commercial).

Geoffrey Sperback/EnVision EES

Geoffrey Sperback, EnVision EESThrough EnVision EES‘s partners and company intel, they develop a strong customized plan for any corporation that is looking for a more leading edge approach. They are the leaders for those manufacturers who partner with them and a solution for those corporations who seek their services.



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