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Don Nicholson with DEKRA North America and Norman Bignall with Underground Martial Arts & Fitness

Don Nicholson, Norman Bignall, Dominick Rainey

Don Nicholson, Norman Bignall, Dominick Rainey

Don Nicholson/DEKRA North America

DEKRA is one of the world’s leading expert organizations, offering innovative professional services in the fields of vehicle inspection, expert appraisals, industrial product testing and certifications, management system certifications, and much more. DEKRA has a strong 90 year history and has over 36,000 employees in 50 countries around the globe. DEKRA strives to be your first choice for new and existing global regulatory, environmental, governmental, and safety demands. Their commitment to excellence goes beyond a job well done to a passion to make the world a safer place on the road, at work and at home.

Norman Bignall/Underground Martial Arts & Fitness

Underground Martial Arts & Fitness is a martial arts studio that offers: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kenpo Karate for children and adults. They are located in downtown Buford since 2009. The BJJ classes are very exciting especially when the kids get to grapple with the instructors and each other. They also offer Ball Pilates and Boxing & Cardio Kickboxing classes.





Dr. Bill Lampton with Championship Communication and author Charla Hammond

Dr. Bill Lampton, Charla Hammond, Nikole Toptas

Dr. Bill Lampton, Charla Hammond, Nikole Toptas

Dr. Bill Lampton/Championship Communication

Through his company Championship Communication, Dr. Bill Lampton helps companies strengthen their communication strategies and tactics so they will improve their sales, customer service, teamwork, and management. Dr. Lampton also helps corporate leaders learn to speak confidently, clearly, and convincingly. His top-tier client list includes Gillette, Procter and Gamble, Duracell, University of Georgia Athletic Association, Missouri Bar, Ritz-Carlton Cancun and British Columbia Legal Management Association.

Charla Hammond/author of “Life Reclaimed Against Domestic Violence

Surviving domestic violence is not an easy task, but choosing to leave an abusive relationship has definitely been worthwhile. “Life Reclaimed Against Domestic Violence” is Charla Hammond‘s true story of being married to a physical and emotional abuser. However, her story explains how forgiveness and having a support system of family and close friends kept her sanity.

Minsoo Pak with Sparks Grove, Joanne McClelland with Insperity, and Reginald Brown with Lutheran Services of Georgia

Minsoo Pak, Joanne McClelland, Reginald Brown, Dominick Rainey

Minsoo Pak, Joanne McClelland, Reginald Brown, Dominick Rainey

Minsoo Pak/Sparks Grove

Sparks Grove is an experience design firm that brings together business strategy and creative execution to help clients connect to people’s reason, emotion, and purpose. Sparks Grove uses insight, foresight, strategy, design and development to transform businesses into more human-centered, purpose-driven organizations. Sparks Grove is a part of North Highland, a global management consultancy that delivers unique value, relevant big ideas and strategic business capabilities to clients around the world.

Joanne McClelland/Insperity

More than 28 years ago, Insperity CEO Paul Sarvadi envisioned making business owners’ lives easier by taking HR and administrative burdens off their plates. So he decided to start a company with little more than 600 square feet of space and one telephone. Since then, Insperity has grown as a result of helping clients reach their goals. Their business model is simple: They’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed by taking care of the things that could be distracting you from the bigger picture. They do this by helping you control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation.

Reginald Brown/Lutheran Services of Georgia

Lutheran Services of Georgia promotes services that enhance the stability, wellness, health, and safety of individuals and families in Georgia. Lutheran Services of Georgia (LSG) has seven offices statewide.  They offer programs for adoption, disaster response, employment services, family and children services, foster care, and refugee resettlement.