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Phillip Williams with McDermott Financial Solutions and Derek Peacock with D.Peacock Studios

Phillip Williams, Derek Peacock, Dominick Rainey

Phillip Williams, Derek Peacock, Dominick Rainey

Phillip Williams/McDermott Financial Solutions

McDermott Financial Solutions provides relationship-based financial consulting services. McDermott Financial Solutions works with business owners to find financing and improve profitability in their business. They develop a financial gameplan with you and coach your company to execute on its goals for growth and profitability.

Derek Peacock/D.Peacock Studios

D.Peacock Studios is a full stack graphic web design business service located in Norcross, GA. For over 10 years, D.Peacock Studios has specialized in serving the needs of clients in the private sector with particular emphasis on small business. In that time, their work has been distinguished by three qualities: creative strategy, client collaboration and technology integration. The concept is to provide custom marketing and design artwork for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge with their brand. The company works on a variety of projects such as photography, print designs, html5 websites, smartphone apps, Flash animations and social media marketing.



Tao Yang Han with IronCAD and Lloyd Lofton with 7 Figure Sales Tools

Tao Yang Han, Lloyd Lofton, Dominick Rainey

Tao Yang Han, Lloyd Lofton, Dominick Rainey

Tao Yang Han/IronCAD

IronCAD is an innovation company serving the manufacturing industry in machine design, fabrication, product design and modular systems. It has always been striving to give customers the best 3D design and collaboration software tool that increases customer productivity and — above all — helps them achieve success in their fields. IronCAD accomplishes this by innovation of market focused new technologies and incorporating them into its solutions. As a result, its software products allows engineers to jumpstart new projects in minutes and make design changes easily and quickly in response to customer feedback. Those products empower engineers to work freely and efficiently at every stage in the design process, from conceptual design to production planning. Winner of numerous industry awards, IronCAD products are distributed by more than 50 channels in America, Europe, and Asia to serve customers in the worldwide market.

Lloyd Lofton/7 Figure Sales Tools

Getting off to a fast, successful start for your sales professionals and managers begins with a business plan. 7 Figure Sales Tools is excited to provide you with sales and management presentations to help you do just that. More than 51,500 individuals have experienced Lloyd’s unique training style and material.  Lloyd offers programs geared to sales, management and leadership. Lloyd doesn’t try to address all the problems an organization may have however he can help bring solutions to problems that relate to recruiting, training and retaining your sales team. Lloyd’s programs are the result of 30 years’ experience in door-to-door, call center; business-to-business and needs based selling. Lloyd is a successful business leader who has led sales distributions who produced 50 million or more a year in sales, who has led recruiting efforts that resulted in hiring more than 2,000 sales professionals in one year and who has trained hundreds of managers, from field sales leaders to executive level leaders. Lloyd offers direct, structured, hands on programs from someone who has been and is still in the trenches of selling and managing. Sales people like Lloyd, managers relate to him and leaders engage with Lloyd, because he is one of them. He has and does their job and they know it. They know he speaks from experience and can help them take their style and improve their results. Lloyd knows what he is good at and that’s all he will do. He will cause improvement in the areas you engage him in and he will follow-up with accountability coaching.


Dennis Sands with FirstCall Consulting and Greg Carter with Synergy Financial Partners

Greg Carter, Dominick Rainey, Dennis Sands

Greg Carter, Dominick Rainey, Dennis Sands

Dennis Sands/FirstCall Consulting

FirstCall Consulting helps companies using SAP and SAP Business One optimize in-house resources by offering them a broad range of SAP support services. They help customers focus on mission-critical issues and enable them to offload day-to-day operations. Their services are ideally suited to organizations that have deployed SAP and are looking to minimize ongoing maintenance and support costs, educate their staff, and identify process improvement opportunities. They support SAP’s full service R/3, ECC, and Business One systems.

Members of FirstCall Consulting’s management and support team average 17 years of SAP and 22 years of industry experience and are responsible for winning SAP’s coveted Customer Satisfaction Award 5 years in a row!

Greg Carter/Synergy Financial Partners

Synergy Financial Partners is an independent financial services company. They are dedicated to building an innovative movement in the areas of life insurance, living benefits, retirement planning and financial education. Built upon their visionary leader Jeff Huggins, they are changing the way Americans view and use the vehicle of life insurance to much more than just taking care of loved ones after one’s passing.