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Ken Kingery with Mosaic Corporation, Steve Budde with Promozation and Gary Lewis with Carrington Mortgage Services

Silver Lining in the Cloud is hosted by Nikole Toptas and Dominick Rainey with CDI Managed Services.

Ken Kingery, Steve Budde, Dominick Rainey, Gary Lewis

Ken Kingery/Mosaic Corporation

Mosaic Corporation is an Atlanta based company that focuses exclusively on paperless document and content management solutions. They specialize in the transition from “paper based” (manual) work processes to more efficient “paperless” operation with the overall goal of improving business results. Their success stems from an understanding of cultural adoption challenges and their ability to bridge to new and improved methods of operation through education, training and practical application.

Their competency also reaches into a wide variety of general business applications for imaging including accounting, HR, Operations and much more. They also provide customized solutions for many segments. Visit Mosaic “Industry Solutions” on their website for information relating to key vertical markets benefiting from their experience.

Steve Budde/Promozation

Promozation is a promotional products distributor connecting companies to promotional products. The focus of Promozation is to serve as a one-stop shop for businesses looking to promote their company name/brand. They offer a wide variety of promotional items to fit the needs of companies any size.

From pens to polos, Promozation has you covered. Their website contains thousands products that can be customized with your logo. If you can dream it, they can brand it!

Gary Lewis/Carrington Mortgage Services

Carrington Mortgage Services is a full-service direct lender. This means Carrington is not a broker but closes with their own money and sells the paper to Fannie or Freddie. Carrington is very strong with FHA and securitizes bulks on behalf of FHA.

Their customers are real estate agents and borrowers buying or refinancing. What is important to them is their company has engineered the mortgage process and has the process fine tuned to care for each loan individually.

Peter Casey with Claddagh Resources, Bryan Glutting with ACS Solutions, Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald with Black Girls Golf and Sharon Ritchie-Haughton with Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Silver Lining in the Cloud is hosted by Nikole Toptas and Dominick Rainey with CDI Managed Services.

Dominick Rainey, Peter Casey, Bryan Glutting, Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald, Sharon Ritchie-Haughton, Nikole Toptas

Peter Casey/Claddaugh Resources

Claddaugh Resources is a Global Executive Search Firm with headquarters in Ireland and six offices around the world. One phone call to Claddagh Resources puts extensive resources to work for you. You can focus on running your business while they actively source, recruit, and interview qualified candidates. You also benefit from their extensive review process that includes reference checks, sales results verification, degree verification and a criminal background check.

Bryan Glutting/ACS Solutions

ACS Solutions is an organization that specializes in fiber and copper cable assemblies. They supply these assemblies for the internet, wireless, transportation and utility industries, offering a quick ship, high quality and easy-to-do business transaction.

Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald/Black Girls Golf

Black Girls Golf is an organization committed to providing women with a fun, safe and friendly environment to learn, play and experience the career and health benefits of golf.

Sharon Ritchie-Haughton/Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides a comprehensive array of quality skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, ranging from post-acute care and short-term “rehab-to-home” services to compassionate long-term care. The center’s “Homebound Program” helps individuals return home following a short stay at the center, and rehabilitation services include physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is located in Atlanta’s historic Old 4th Ward History District, surrounded by many historic sites on Auburn Avenue, including the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. The center’s decades of service to its community and its historic location make its new name a perfect fit.

Marc Lewyn with GV Financial Advisors, Brad Lurie with Bright Light Systems, Lance Coachman with EXI and David Post with Future Security

Silver Lining in the Cloud is hosted by Nikole Toptas and Dominick Rainey with CDI Managed Services.

Dominick Rainey, Marc Lewyn, Brad Lurie, Lance Coachman, David Post, Nikole Toptas

Marc Lewyn/GV Financial Advisors

Established in 1991, GV Financial Advisors is one of Atlanta’s top wealth managers. With 120 years of combined experience and team of 14 in-house professionals, GV Financial Advisors specializes in serving the needs of high net worth individuals, privately owned businesses and families.

They understand investing is a uniquely human endeavor. Their investment process was designed to help remove emotion from the investment equation, maintain focus on investment fundamentals, and seek out cutting-edge ideas and opportunities. They rely on independent research, observable data and defined criteria to identify potential investment opportunities and select money managers.

They engage clients in conversations carefully crafted to ask the “right” questions so they can understand them, uncover hidden opportunities and eliminate potential dangers. Together, they work to identify their life priorities, values and goals to help provide you a contextual understanding of their wealth so they can make more confident, informed decisions. They share their wisdom, experience and expertise to help create a plan to make progress toward their goals.

Guided Wealth Transformation (GWT) acknowledges what 25 years of experience has taught us: most people have a complex and often confounding relationship with money. Redefining that relationship is central to transforming views about money, wealth and happiness.

Brad Lurie/Bright Light Systems

Bright Light Systems offers innovation through patent-pending luminaires utilizing Light Emitting Plasma (LEP); the first energy efficient alternative to 50+ year legacy HID technology that delivers 55% energy reduction with 5x the lifetime for high wattage applications. Additionally, each fixture contains a wireless transmitter that enables real-time monitoring, kWh usage, and communicates with their energy data management system providing an optimal lighting experience and putting customers in control of their assets with analytics and information not previously available. Their comprehensive lighting solution allows users to reduce energy consumption by as much as 85%.

Lance Coachman/EXI, Inc.

For over twenty years, EXI, Inc. has been providing employees for American corporations. Their areas of expertise include the Atlanta Metro area as well as nationwide placements. Successful candidates have been placed in areas ranging from C Suite Upper Management to support staff. Individual disciplines include Operations, Engineering, Information Technology, Sales/Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Management Consulting, Government and Not for Profit.

Established in 1989, EXI serves the specialized staffing needs of corporate clients, technology companies and major consulting firms worldwide. Searches are typically targeted at mid to upper-level executives and technical specialists for mission-critical positions. They concentrate daily on finding top talent for their client companies. Their goal is to supply seasoned, well qualified candidates in a timely manner. The list of clients that have utilized the services of the firm are some of the largest and best known companies in the U.S. along with many smaller, regionally known companies.

David Post, Future Security

Future Security provides consulting on security policy, procedure development and areas from hiring to termination. They provide management training and seminars related to all areas of theft, violence in the workplace, and managing a security program. Future Security also provides investigative services.