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Don Nicholson with DEKRA North America and Norman Bignall with Underground Martial Arts & Fitness

Don Nicholson, Norman Bignall, Dominick Rainey

Don Nicholson, Norman Bignall, Dominick Rainey

Don Nicholson/DEKRA North America

DEKRA is one of the world’s leading expert organizations, offering innovative professional services in the fields of vehicle inspection, expert appraisals, industrial product testing and certifications, management system certifications, and much more. DEKRA has a strong 90 year history and has over 36,000 employees in 50 countries around the globe. DEKRA strives to be your first choice for new and existing global regulatory, environmental, governmental, and safety demands. Their commitment to excellence goes beyond a job well done to a passion to make the world a safer place on the road, at work and at home.

Norman Bignall/Underground Martial Arts & Fitness

Underground Martial Arts & Fitness is a martial arts studio that offers: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kenpo Karate for children and adults. They are located in downtown Buford since 2009. The BJJ classes are very exciting especially when the kids get to grapple with the instructors and each other. They also offer Ball Pilates and Boxing & Cardio Kickboxing classes.





Dr. Bill Lampton with Championship Communication and author Charla Hammond

Dr. Bill Lampton, Charla Hammond, Nikole Toptas

Dr. Bill Lampton, Charla Hammond, Nikole Toptas

Dr. Bill Lampton/Championship Communication

Through his company Championship Communication, Dr. Bill Lampton helps companies strengthen their communication strategies and tactics so they will improve their sales, customer service, teamwork, and management. Dr. Lampton also helps corporate leaders learn to speak confidently, clearly, and convincingly. His top-tier client list includes Gillette, Procter and Gamble, Duracell, University of Georgia Athletic Association, Missouri Bar, Ritz-Carlton Cancun and British Columbia Legal Management Association.

Charla Hammond/author of “Life Reclaimed Against Domestic Violence

Surviving domestic violence is not an easy task, but choosing to leave an abusive relationship has definitely been worthwhile. “Life Reclaimed Against Domestic Violence” is Charla Hammond‘s true story of being married to a physical and emotional abuser. However, her story explains how forgiveness and having a support system of family and close friends kept her sanity.

Minsoo Pak with Sparks Grove, Joanne McClelland with Insperity, and Reginald Brown with Lutheran Services of Georgia

Minsoo Pak, Joanne McClelland, Reginald Brown, Dominick Rainey

Minsoo Pak, Joanne McClelland, Reginald Brown, Dominick Rainey

Minsoo Pak/Sparks Grove

Sparks Grove is an experience design firm that brings together business strategy and creative execution to help clients connect to people’s reason, emotion, and purpose. Sparks Grove uses insight, foresight, strategy, design and development to transform businesses into more human-centered, purpose-driven organizations. Sparks Grove is a part of North Highland, a global management consultancy that delivers unique value, relevant big ideas and strategic business capabilities to clients around the world.

Joanne McClelland/Insperity

More than 28 years ago, Insperity CEO Paul Sarvadi envisioned making business owners’ lives easier by taking HR and administrative burdens off their plates. So he decided to start a company with little more than 600 square feet of space and one telephone. Since then, Insperity has grown as a result of helping clients reach their goals. Their business model is simple: They’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed by taking care of the things that could be distracting you from the bigger picture. They do this by helping you control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation.

Reginald Brown/Lutheran Services of Georgia

Lutheran Services of Georgia promotes services that enhance the stability, wellness, health, and safety of individuals and families in Georgia. Lutheran Services of Georgia (LSG) has seven offices statewide.  They offer programs for adoption, disaster response, employment services, family and children services, foster care, and refugee resettlement.

Tom Martin with L-3 Communications, Sabrina Serafin with Frazier & Deeter, Teri Gass with Sterling Risk Advisors, and Sara Totonchi with Southern Center of Human Rights

Tom Martin, Sabrina Serafin, Sara Totonchi, Teri Gass, Dominick Rainey

Tom Martin, Sabrina Serafin, Sara Totonchi, Teri Gass, Dominick Rainey

Tom Martin/L-3 Communications

L-3 Communications is a prime contractor in aerospace systems. L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms. At L-3, success is defined by their ability to meet their customers’ needs. That’s why every part of their business is focused on quick and agile response, innovative thinking and a relentless commitment to getting the job done.

Sabrina Serafin/Frazier & Deeter

Frazier & Deeter’s Process, Risk & Governance (PRG) Practice provides customized risk management solutions to clients with offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Nashville and Tampa. They deliver assurance and consulting services to various public and private organizations including Service Organization Control (SOC) examinations, outsourced and co-sourced Internal Audit, and other advisory services. The PRG practice also has deep expertise in IT audit and risk management.

Teri Gass/Sterling Risk Advisors

Sterling Risk Advisors is a full-service, Atlanta-based risk management and insurance brokerage firm serving the commercial, professional and personal needs of clients across a diverse spectrum of industries. These include medical and other professional services, construction, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, real estate and technology. Product offerings include all forms of commercial and personal property & casualty insurance, employee benefits and surety bonds. Beyond the products – they look to become the trusted advisor to clients in all things related to risk and which may in any way affect the client’s business objectives. They do this by becoming experts in the business of their clients, knowing what is happening in the economy, the courts, and the legislature.

Sara Totonchi/Southern Center of Human Rights

The mission of the Southern Center for Human Rights is to end capital punishment, mass incarceration, and other criminal justice practices that are used to control the lives of poor people, people of color, and other marginalized groups in the Southern United States. They do this through death penalty representation, impact litigation, policy advocacy, and public education.



Rob MacLane with 3Ci, Jeff Andrews with GT Software and Michele Richards with Community Management Associates

Rob MacLane, Jeff Richards, Michele Richards, Dom Rainey

Rob MacLane, Jeff Richards, Michele Richards, Dom Rainey

Rob MacLane/3Ci

Rob MacLane, 3Ci3Ci is one of the industry’s most established and reputable technology staffing firms. Founded in 1978, 3Ci has been innovating to deliver technology staffing solutions for nearly 40 years. 3Ci is committed to addressing the talent needs of small, medium and enterprise-level companies in multiple markets across the United States. The company has a national reach with headquarters in Atlanta.

Jeff Andrews/GT Software

Jeff Andrews, GT SoftwareGT Software revolutionizes data, process and transaction access to optimize business information across mainframe, distributed and cloud platforms. By enabling data, companies are able to easily create new business applications regardless of the data type, platform, or programming language.

Founded in 1982, GT Software’s heritage of application modernization began with the mainframe and now continues through today’s modern technologies. It has always been their mission to help clients achieve success by extending the value of their IT investments through agile development with an intuitive, robust integration layer that provides standards-based APIs, improved workflow, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Their solutions make data enablement easy through Web services to quickly drive innovations including cognitive computing, mobile enablement, IoT, and business analytics. GT Software’s solutions are trusted by more than 2,500 organizations worldwide to improve operational efficiency, customer experiences, and to drive innovation.

Michele Richards/Community Management Associates

Michele Richards, Community Management AssociatesFor more than twenty years Community Management Associates has provided proven and professional property management throughout northern Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. They bring many assets to every Association they manage including first-class customer service, proactive, experienced property management and cutting edge technology. Whether your Association is large or small, a mid-rise or high-rise condominium, co-op or master planned community, CMA delivers professional, effective and cost-efficient management—customized to your Association’s requirements at a price you can afford.

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Steve Palmer with The Cottage School, Dr. Dionne Poulton with Poulton Consulting Group, and Jeff Plank with HLB Gross Collins

Steve Palmer, Dr. Dionne Poulton, Jeff Plank, Dominick Rainey

Steve Palmer, Dr. Dionne Poulton, Jeff Plank, Dominick Rainey

Steve Palmer/The Cottage School

The Cottage School has a 31-year history of serving students with mild to moderate learning differences including ADD, ADHD and Anxiety Disorders. The students learn in addition to the State of Georgia required classes for graduation, a business model that is based on time accountability and financial reward and balance. This fall for the first time they are adding 4th and 5th grades to their current 6-12th grades.

Dr. Dionne Poulton/Poulton Consulting Group

Poulton Consulting Group is an HR and Leadership Consulting business specializing in diversity and inclusion. They serve all businesses from small to large, government, educational institutions, non-profits, and social groups. PCG is led by President and owner, Dr. Dionne Poulton, who for the past 16 years, has been researching and teaching in areas of diversity, inclusion, equity, bias, intercultural dialogue, adult education, adult learning, and adult behavior. PCG offers targeted, research based professional development opportunities, education, advisement, and conflict mediation to HR professionals, leaders, and employees in all workplace settings.

Jeff Plank/HLB Gross Collins

HLB Gross Collins  is an Atlanta-based full service certified public accounting and consulting firm that has been providing excellence in client service for over forty years. Serving clients both locally and around the globe, the firm offers tax, auditing and assurance, business consulting, valuation, estate and personal financial planning, and international services.






Marc O’Conner with Curant Health and Vera Watkins with The Marena Group

Marc O'Connor, Vera Watkins, Dominick Rainey

Marc O’Connor, Vera Watkins, Dominick Rainey

Marc O’Conner/Curant Health

Curant Health is one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the nation including being listed #4 on the 2015 INC 500/5000 for large healthcare companies. Curant Health is a national thought leader on developing and implementing chronic disease state patient focused protocols and providing robust medication management for their patients. Curant Health’s robust patient experience dramatically improves patient outcomes while significantly reducing the health spend associated with these problematic disease states. Their nearly perfect patient retention rate is a testament to their patient focused care and services.

Vera Watkins/The Marena Group

The Marena Group is a Lawrenceville-based company that manufactures the next generation of medical grade compression life wear made to fit every moment of life. Marena offers proven medical-grade compression wear to help the body heal faster in order to feel better, look better and play better.

Their USA-made garments are not only functional but uniquely engineered for long-term comfort with their patented ComfortWeave® fabric, exclusive to Marena. They believe in curve appeal, a healthy lifestyle, and feeling your absolute best whether at the gym or on the couch.

Their team of caring professionals are dedicated to exceptional client support. They don’t simply sell – they serve needs. Their proprietary made-to-measure program allows you to accommodate every individual and every patient to ensure the optimal results. They are the Doctors’ partner to reduce patient complaints and garment hassles while increasing revenue with their Marena Lifestyle products. Their passion for comfortable, high compression textiles is second only to their passion for helping improve lives.

Shawn Mahoney and Dean Rosson with Fit 2 Win Wellness

Shawn Mahoney, Dean Rosson, Dominick Rainey

Shawn Mahoney, Dean Rosson, Dominick Rainey

Shawn Mahoney & Dean Rosson/Fit 2 Win Wellness

Energize your staff with tools that help them be healthy and productive. The key to being healthy and productive is taking small steps, every day. The exclusive Fit2Win technology, and the knowledge they provide, makes getting healthy fun and simple to do. Members return each day to learn, earn, and track their progress. Teams compete in challenges, fun goals, earn points, see results, and connect with colleagues.


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Peter James with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance and Shamel Leonard with Family Car Foundation

Dominick Rainey, Shamel Leonard, Peter James, Nikole Toptas

Dominick Rainey, Shamel Leonard, Peter James, Nikole Toptas

Peter James/Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

Lincoln Heritage is the #1 Final Expense in the US and has been in business since 1963. LHIC has over 6000+ agents nationwide, Puerto Rico and Canada. The company is A rated and recognized by the BBB.



Shamel Leonard/Family Car Foundation

Family Car Foundation primarily strives to award donated cars from the public to families in need. They repair cars that meet their standards and award them to eligible families. They provide families’ low-interest car loans which allows recipients to build credit. They also provide car ownership training.

Each car has a 6-month/6,000 mile warranty.  They revitalize each car to be reliable and dependable. Their “Driver Programs” assist with car and driving issues and help with costly, unexpected repairs. They offer programs to educate car buyers and to empower individuals to make better financial decisions for their future.

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Cassandra Underwood with Talk About It Catering and Lynn Robinette with Wishes 4 Me Foundation

Cassandra Underwood, Dominick Rainey, Lynn Robinette

Cassandra Underwood, Dominick Rainey, Lynn Robinette

Cassandra Underwood/Talk About It Catering

Talk About It Catering is a full service non-traditional catering company specializing in creative custom menus, catering your events and handling your food service needs. They offer freezer meals, weekly meals, lunches, gluten-free and organic food. They also accommodate dietary restrictions.


Lynn Robinette/Wishes 4 Me Foundation

The Wishes 4 Me Foundation is a Georgia non-profit organization which provides a group style home for disabled adults. They currently have five homes in Lawrenceville. Each home provides accessibility based on the needs of the residents which exceeds ADA code. The homes also include a positive family environment.

Lynn Robinette, a single mother and the founder of the organization, was inspired by her two disabled children when she was not successful in finding solutions for independent living for her precious loved ones. Ms. Robinette has accomplished a successful model of group style living of disabled adults who wish to be active in the community.